Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Vampire Royalty!

BLOOD RED the colour of my soul! 

I need this colour to function, red lips and red nails are my staple. Our bedroom is mostly black and red, as are other parts of the house, my crafting area and granny goth kitchen are pink and black, pink is a very creative colour for me and a great love of mine and red is my Aries Venom the Poison!

My Granpire Rose in her wooden Coffin vase ~ all Roses handmade by me and Coffins handmade by my Vampire husband. We love making these, lots of  time and hard work goes into them. How lovely would they look as decor for a Vampire wedding? Possibly with 3 Roses in each vase. Where can you get one? DM my @little.poison.garden 

I love decorating with Blood teacups or little wine glasses, always on the hunt for things I can pour fake blood into. 

Blood by Mark Ryden and a name my husband uses @blakeblood

Marceline the Vampire Queen's mug that says I Eat Shades Of Red filled with Countess Grey tea and The Vampire Lestat book by Anne Rice a good way to unwind and relax. I'm a big fan of drinking tea and reading books ~ Granpire life V--V 

Books about my Vampire Royalty family.

Great Granpire lady ~ gift from my lovely friend. 

Dress fit for a Velvet Vampire! Thanks for reading xxx