Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Little Outings and Stuff!

A few little outings lately...

Granpire essentials ~ her diary and Granny Goth bag. Glued on a black stone to make it look a bit more Dark Shadows! ⚰🖤

Spider bling shopping, this makes me extremely happy! I like attaching them to my fluffy coats, they look really elegant and I always get lovely compliments. 

I bought 4 brooches ~ 2 Spiders a Cobra and a beautiful Beetle! I adore Granny bling 🌟🖤

While out and about I had a hot chocolate that came with a beautiful Snake swirl, so perfect! 🐍🖤

I also did a bit of Op Shopping on a separate outing and bought this gorgeous little vase, which I plan to make a tiny Black Rose arrangement for I'll pop this one on my Big Cartel when it's done 🌹🖤

Found 3 Dracula's items, 2 shot glasses and a tall glass. So sad that Dracula's closed down in Melbourne. For those of you that don't know, Dracula's was a theatre restaurant. Unfortunately over the years, a lot of Goth shops and pretty much anything alternative has closed down, not much left for us Spooky people here in OZ! A couple of clubs still run but it's not the same as it used to be, oh how I miss those days!

Came across this Magical Needlework book which I thought was cute, even though I live on the Dark side

Saw this gorgeous Granny floral couch, so beautiful and only $40! I didn't buy it, as I already have 2 beautiful chairs that are very similar. 

Slowly morphing into Mrs.Slocombe and all the other Old Bats I adore! 🖤