Thursday, 13 September 2018

Little Poison Garden!

All about my handmade Roses ~

Some examples of what my handmade Roses look like in teacup arrangements, damn that Red looks good! I was still in two minds about offering Red or just keeping it all Black like I had originally planned, as no one really makes or specialises in Black Roses where i'm from and i'd like to be known as that lady, which I already am and very pleased with.🖤

I have never been an indecisive person and usually know exactly what I want (I’m an Aries for fucks sake) but for some reason I am with these Roses I make! Everything creative I do in life is very important to me, colour, style, aesthetic! Thank you to my good friends who know me well and gave me their honest input 😊💋 it’s helped me a lot!

So I guess I came to the decision on Black and Red and maybe some Pink ~ 3 of my favourite colours and the colours I decorate my lovely home with! Here I was thinking I’d only be making Black Roses from now on but if people want a bit of colour I’m happy to offer that again.

Here's what I call them and what will be available ~ please note these are all handmade and take time and are to be used for indoors only. 

⚰️ Funeral Blooms ~ all Black, come as single stems or in a small handmade wooden Coffin vase, to be displayed next to loved ones ashes or pet ashes or to use as Gothic or Funerary Decor. These Black Roses also come in Old World Charm Vases and Teacup arrangements for the Granny Goth lovers!

🥀 Old~Fashioned Roses ~ Red or Pink, come as single stems or in Old World Charm Teacup and Vase arrangements. 

 Enquiries ~ Send me a message in the Contact me section of this Blog or send me a DM through

Thanks again guys ❤️

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