Monday, 22 May 2017

My Granpire Life!

What else what I be doing in my spare time? Snooping around antique stores I've never been to haha! Drooling over all the GRANNY stuff I adore 🎔 Seriously in a perfect world (dream world really) I'd love to live in an old Gothic mansion far, far away full of Bats, Ghostly and Granny things. Have a library with dusty old books, seclude myself  off  from the world and drink lots of cups of tea and have a dungeon where I can enjoy my favourite poison, ABSINTHE on special occasions... Oh and have a 60s ~ 70s  room with lots of velvet where I can watch all my favourite Velvet Vampire movies V--V 

Anyway onto other things, I'm excited about the new Twin Peaks! I was quite young when I saw it and first came out, I was absolutely terrified of BOB! It wasn't until about 9 years ago when one of my best friends and I started obsessively re-watching it. We lived, breathed it and talked about it lots and still Bob terrified me! I'm not afraid of many things at all, but Bob is one of them. I've dedicated part of my skin to this series and hopefully the new episodes won't disappoint and if they do, it doesn't really matter as I got these tattoos for the love of the original series. Enjoy and thanx for reading xx 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Been a busy little Blood Witch and feeling rather like Snow Bite V--V in the pictures below haha, living a Monster High life! This was my outfit to go visit my beautiful mother on mothers day. 

Holding a Poison Apple bottle of perfume gifted to me by a lovely lady. 

Outfit details~

Elvira t-shirt~ been with me for years purchased online.
Skirt~ pleated wool, thrifted for $10
Jewellery~ been with me for years.
Apple Bobble~ buttons I turn into bobbles.
Bow~ gift wrapping area Myer, I like them big! 

On Friday night we went to see The Baby Farmer performance at Craig's Hotel in Ballarat, It was wonderful! We purchased this lovey book with amazing illustrations by the artist Chloe Neath. 

What I wore for this event~

Dress~ plaid 70s prairie dress in which I almost live in. 
Brooch~ my cute little Granpire Ghosts-Anne of Green Gable brooches I created.
Jewellery~ been with me for years.
Coat~ 70s inspired black coat, been with me for years.
Bobble~ ghost button I turned into a bobble.
Bow~ navy bow, purchased from the gift wrapping area in Myer.

Craig's Hotel is so beautiful!

The performance and art pieces where held in the dungeons of the hotel. 

Got some postcards to frame.

Love these dolls.

Other stuff...

More bobbles, a My Little Pony this time. 

On the train, best time to read, I was stoked to have found this book I thrifted for $2! I'm a Mapp and Lucia fan.

My business card makes a good bookmark. 

Monday, 15 May 2017


Raising Awareness and a reminder to help support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation by purchasing a calendar...

I was asked by a good friend of mine from Necromancy Clothing if I wanted to be part of a calendar called Goths for Sophie project. This calendar is to raise awareness against hate crime and raise money for the The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. If you’re not aware of who Sophie was I have attached a link here that explains her sad story.

Being a Goth isn’t easy and people still treat people from this subculture appallingly! We are a culture, yes a culture that should be acknowledged and respected. Just because we are attracted to the darker delights of life doesn’t mean we should be treated badly!

Please help our culture be safe by purchasing a calendar to help raise awareness of this awful subject of hate crime; that we have to go through just because people are not aware what it is to really be a Goth. You may be raising a Goth, know a Goth, or are a Goth yourself, let’s stop all the bulling and hate towards this artistic and beautifully charming culture that many may not know anything about, look it up you may surprise yourself on how wonderful it really is to be a Goth, I myself am very proud to be part of a subculture with such a long history.

Thank you x

Monday, 8 May 2017

Clunes Booktown Festival

On the weekend we went to Clunes Booktown Festival, we've been going for a few years now and it's been lovely, I love old towns I'm right at home in these places. We also dropped into Daylesford on the way home.

The best book I bought V--V

I live for this card, triple fire and proud of who I am.

So relevant.  

Bought these beauties, inspiration for my felt botanicals and velvet vampire flowers.

Flower Fairies. 

Clunes is such a cute town.

So good!


Beautiful antiques.

Tea and scones.


Lovely and old.


Dusty old books.

Old world charm.

Too good.

Old world cinema glamour.

With my Vampire in shining armour V--V