Monday, 23 October 2017

Magick Monday!

Hi there on this Monday! Some snippets of last week...

Monster High vibes, Draculaura is my very favourite and I love wearing this top!

Early week Witchy shopping. 

Mid week Roses from my family's garden.

Lilacs from my own garden.

Tarot Sorcery and magick!

I've been listening to a lot of Cradle Of Filth again lately! So much love for these guys, always xxx 

Coven of Witches.

 Blood Witch babe V--V 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Life Lately!

Blogging on Mondays might become a new thing it seems!

Wow what a weekend, attended a wedding and did the hair, went to a Skull exhibition and a Gig... 

Up early Friday morning in my Granny slippers, preparing for a busy day of wedding hair. I love my Vampire socks and wore them especially for Friday the 13th V--V 

Snapped a lovely pic of a Rose I made while getting ready. 

Dracula's Tee! 

I was excited to be doing hair on Friday the 13th for a lovely friend on her wedding day and her lovely ladies. 

Doing what I was born to do!

My husband and I also attended the wedding and I forgot to take a picture of my outfit, but I was really tired by then. What an amazing wedding, so beautiful! 

Montsalvat, you are just amazing!!! We also got married here on a Friday the 13th 7 years ago. 

A scene from Queen Of  The Damned was filmed here too. 

It was a lovely event. 

A well deserved Saturday off and I spent it with my husband and a close friend of ours. We went to the Romancing the Skull exhibition in Ballarat, it was great, we had a nice day together. 

My cute little outfit for the day ~ Let's Summon Demons t-shirt a black skirt, knee high socks, one with skulls one with spiderwebs a skull necklace a ghost bobble and a red bow.

I was so excited to walk through these doors.

Coffins!!! My favourite piece. 

My lovely friend bought me this awesome skull spoon from the exhibition,  thank you again Dominique πŸ’it will now be my permanent tea spoon, I don't use sugar in my tea, instead I use honey. Later we went off to have some dinner, leaving my mark all over the place πŸ’‹

Sunday came along and we were off to see Adam Ant!

I wore a Witchy dress, striped socks and my Winklepickers. 

The show was amazing and so nice to spend it with my friends. 

Rita and I 

And here are some pics from the week...

So fitting.

Elvira πŸŽ”

My magical felt Roses. 

Reading material, tea and cookies. 

I'ts Halloween everyday for us πŸŽ”πŸŽ”

Little Vampire. Thanx for reading xox

Monday, 9 October 2017

Vampire Outings and Stuff!

I've been a busy Vamp and haven't had much time to document on my blog which I love to do, but here's some adventures lately...

This Vampire Krispy Kreme doughnut was so yummy! I need more haha V--V 

Tea and scones at The Tea Salon Melbourne Emporium, look at that granny floral! Makes my heart swell πŸ’—

I wanted some Granny Apple Pie tea but they were out, so I had the Sweetheart Tea instead! 

Train reads! 

Snooping at all the lovely granny brooches 😍

Mini golf with fabulous friends on Sunday. 

A date night out with my husband πŸ’‹ We went to StoryVille in Melbourne, had some yummy cocktails based on Fairy tales, it was great!   

Loved the Mushroom decor, in fact that's what lead me there 😍

We had a lovely date night V--V 

What I wore ~ Vintage shirt, Bat brooch and Skull necklace. 

I've been busy with my Rose making and now have Coffin boxes which will be up on my big Cartel soon! 

I LOVE making Roses πŸ’

and snooping at Hair clients awesome books 😊

 Thanks for reading xox