Monday, 11 December 2017


I am a person who has a deep admiration for Funerary themes, tunes and aesthetic! You may say it's morbid but I've always been drawn to the dark. I find peace at the Cemetery and I often visit old Gothic Graves and take pictures. Both my husband and I enjoy a good outing to the Graveyard. 

Fun Fact: I was once married at a Cemetery to a past lover.  

Bendigo Graves.

Old, Gothic and Beautiful! 

Lovely Hydrangea’s at the Gothic styled Mortuary chapel Bendigo.

Lucy are you in there? ;)

As for Funeral aesthetic, well I collect anything that is Funerary or Coffin themed. I listen to Funerary tunes and am a huge lover of Funeral Doom metal. 

I purely bought this perfume for it's name and that is a real Morticians needle I received as a gift many years ago from a Mortician, a gift I treasure!!!

Dressing like an Old Lady who's been to a Funeral is what I adore most when it comes to fashion! I also like smelling like one haha, I buy all those Old Bat perfumes.

We worship each other like Bats! ~ My Eternity ring. My love for Coffin shaped things runs deeper than the ocean.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A Coffin Full of Things I Love!

I like making these posts on fashion that inspires me... note ~ These pictures are not mine, got them online. 


The Vampires Wife dresses are so gorgeous!!! I love this red one. 

Yes please, can I have this Snake brooch?!!!

Adore these Charlotte Olympia Spiderweb shoes in red.

B for Blood perhaps ;) 


I love Old Lady jewellery.  

Ahh, that bag!!
These brooches are to die for! Spiders and a Cobra, I actually wear a Cobra earring just one. 

I've always loved chunky and unusual rings, never been into diamonds, even though my birthstone is a diamond. The glitz I like is in brooches or Old Lady jewellery like Opals and an eccentric kind of sparkle, adore antiques too. I love wearing Coffin, Skulls, Insect, Amber, Onyx, Black Obsidian stone rings; the list could go on and on, especially on worn tattooed hands like my own. Love the rings and lace in the photo above. 

Granny Goth coats.


Gorgeous ghost era perfume bottle, I could fill that with bewitching scents. 


 Lilith my love!

Monday, 4 December 2017


My work/casual getup, doing hair in the loveliest Granny bathrooms! 

Love that coat and Spider brooch!

Went to see Murder On The Orient Express, it was fantastic! I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and own so many of her books. 

Yesterday I bought the ultimate Granny coat, faux fur, black and below the knee. Can't wait for Autumn/Winter here in OZ, currently an odd Summer. I see a lovely back patch and perhaps a new brooch being attached to this beauty! 

My signature scent, a scent I've been wearing for a very long time! I cherish each drop of Poison but I also love and wear perfume oils such as Amber, Snake oil and Night Queen. All these scents are purely bewitching and I adore a good Old Granny scent like Tabu which is an every day favourite! 

These pics I took a few Monday's ago on my day off haunting around the house and of course you create the most perfect makeup when you're not going anywhere, typical! 

Have a great week and thanx for reading! 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Book Launch!

Last night we went to Liz Ham's Punk Girls Book Launch, and guess what? I'm in the book :) 
Such an honour to be asked by Liz herself to participate in such a wonderful project. Thank you again Lady, you rock and we are very happy and excited for you xx 

Link ~ Liz Ham 

I was blown away by the photography, wow wee that's me!

Such a lovely photo and of course taken at the Cemetery which is my happy place! 

So good!


My trusty winklepickers, can't drive in them as they're incredibly slippery, but so comfortable to walk in. Thanx for reading xo 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Fashion For Funerals!

We've had some cool stuff happening in Ballarat lately, for instance this Fashion Show we attended called Fashion For Funerals. So up my alley and I couldn't wait to go! Coffins and anything Funeral theme = LOVE and YES for me!

Presented by Kat Pengelly of  Koshka Art Fulled Fashion. 

These Killer Jams below have nothing to do with the show, these were a gift from a dear friend, I had to share as I adore them, I mean look at the names!!!