Thursday, 23 May 2019

Granpire Glamour!

🎥 Alfred Hitchcock presents ~ Bull in a China Shop (1958)  

4 Spooky Old Ladies, a Beautiful House, Granpire Glamour, Arsenic, Tea, a Detective and Murder! 👵🏻⚰️

These dresses are to die for! The old lace, ruffles and bows make my Granny Goth heart melt! 🖤

Pearls are so Old Hat and I absolutely adore them but would wear them my way, I have a beautiful (fake) pearl necklace with a Coffin pendant, so perfect and very me ⚰️

All that lace, brooches and knitwear 🖤🖤🖤

Old World Charm decor, lovely drapes and that stunning wallpaper 👵🏻🎀

So adorable!!! The Granny life is something I've been fond of since the age of 4! The little Old lady that lived in our block of apartments in North Fitzroy (were I lived in my primary schools years) started it all for me, she used to buy me Cabbage Patch Dolls, let me play dress ups in her fur coats, gorgeous hats and brooches, while listening to classical tunes on AM radio. Something i'll never forget! 👵🏻🦇🎀

Did somebody say Tea? Yes please, i'd love to have tea with these lovely ladies 🖤

As Goth and Spooky as I am, but i'd like to think i'm quite the elegant Goth in the way I dress and how I present myself, draws a lot of old ladies towards me, they absolutely love me! I'm always chatting away to some Old Beautiful Bat, even though i'm 40 we have a lot in common and could talk for hours! 👵🏻🦇🖤

 I find great happiness in all things Old and Antique! Living the life I live is quite magical, I don't want to be like anyone else, except Lily Munster of course haha! But seriously, do your own thing, just because you like Spooky things, doesn't mean you can't like Old~Fashion, I combine the two and have never been happier 🖤


Alfred Hitchcock ~ Metal Horns! \m/

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Just Like Nans!

Ladies day out ~ had a lovely lunch at Just Like Nans with one of my friends, what a cute name, naturally we we're drawn to it...

 It's located in the heart of beautiful Ballarat 🏰

A lovely thing to do on a gorgeous gloomy Autumn day 🍁🍂

Casual Attire ~ Elvira t-shirt, a black skirt, docs and my beautiful 1940s styled coat with a Cobra Brooch 🐍


One of my favorite things to do ~ take a stroll through a Cemetery 🦇

Looks like Lestat's Grave 🧛🏻‍♂️⚰️🖤

In my happy place 🧛🏻‍♀️⚰️🖤 My husband told me last night that this pic looks like... I am the BAND, not, I'm with the band lol!!! I absolutely adore Cemeteries, I married an ex partner of mine in a Cemetery once many years ago. 

Lady Vamp out in the wind 🦇

My cute little friend Nadee, we always have fun together whether it's drinking tea or Op Shopping for Miss Marple inspired stuff, talking about the good old Goth Clubbing days, forever Metal Heads and laughing at the stupid shit we do, sometimes we don't see eye to eye but we still love each other nonetheless and will forever be friends. Love you girl! 🖤

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Graveyard Glamour!

The Munsters ~ my number 1 favorite TV show from the 60's! I grew up watching The Munsters and The Addams Family. Lily Munster was one of my biggest Gothic influences who I love dearly and is my spirit woman! All I ever wanted to be was LILY and forever will be an everyday Lily Munster ⚰️

 I have her Tattooed to my left hand and Munsters across my knuckles 🖤🧛🏻‍♀️🦇

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Thrift Finds and Spooky Stuff!

Thrift Finds and Spooky Stuff ~ treasures from my Daylesford trip last week...🕷👵🏻🥀🦇👻🎃🎀

The cutest pins by Jubly Umph ~ loving the Xmas tree filled with BATS! 🖤🦇

Scored these gorgeous silk frames ~ a collection of 5 (only 3 pictured) 2 are already up in our bedroom 👵🏻🥀

New Ghosts 👻

and Gorgeous Granny Floral plates ~ treasures i'll collect forever 👵🏻🥀🕸

Thanks for looking 🦇

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Granny Knitwear!

Frilly Knitwear, Spiders, Fangs and a Bat ~ 🕷🧛🏻‍♀️👵🏻🎀🦇

Today's cute Doll like outfit for a day out Op shopping and Antiquing with a lovely friend 💜

This Gorgeous Granny top is by far, the best and most beautiful knitwear I have ever worn, the frills are so old~fashioned and very me! My wardrobe is so much fun and I enjoy putting these cute little outfits together 🎀🦇

It was a very cold Autumn day which I love! We took a trip out to Daylesford,  I wore my Vampira faux fur coat and Docs (not pictured) I love that coat and wear it most days, Docs too but it varies 🦇

A cute Old Vampire Bat aged 40 and fabulous, surrounded by Black Roses 🖤🖤🖤

Blouses and Old Movies!

The art of dressing up, drinking tea, watching and being inspired by old classic movies ~ ⚰️🎀

What can I say, I love my wardrobe ~ blouse inspired by Anne of Windy Poplars (1940) 🥀🎀

This lovely blouse was once a dress, looks so much better worn this way ~ love the little bow I attached 🎀

My favorite teas are  ~ Queen Anne and French Earl Grey 👵🏻🦇

and I just love a good old Aussie Kooka's Country Cookie with my tea 🍪🎀

My home slippers ~ this is a DIY thing I do to my slippers, there aren't really any Goth ones out there but I could be wrong! Anyway I like to do my own thing as I do with my style, original and an individual 👵🏻🧛🏻‍♀️🦇

Granny Goth Doll ~ my everyday makeup without fail! Blue black eyeshadow for my Bat Winged eyeliner and beauty spot. Red lips and nails ⚰️🎀👵🏻🧛🏻‍♀️

I am heavily inspired by Old Movies, you see, i'm quiet the Old~Fashioned lady ~ ⚰️🎀👵🏻

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Granpire Glamour!

Granpire Glamour ~ cardigan's, spider brooches, bags, bows, boots and coffins! 👵🏻⚰️🎀🕷

Granny Goth ~ This vintage cardigan is so warm and cozy to wear, looks cute with my new Spider brooch I bought from Clunes over the weekend 🕷👵🏻

Granny Bag ~ I stuck a cute Bat patch on my Mary Poppins bag 👵🏻🦇

Graveyard Glamour ~ glued a Hearse to one of my bows ⚰️🎀

Coffin Creeper Boots ~ these boots are like walking on air, so comfortable! ⚰️🦇🕷🕸

Coffin Wall Vases ~ these amazing Coffins, handmade by my wonderful husband are making me so happy!!! 🖤 available soon with a permanent handmade Black Rose ~ by me @kriss_poison for our tiny Gothic Florist business ⚰️🎀