Monday, 3 December 2018

Cemetery Cafe!

The Gatehouse ~ Cafe and Florist located at one of our favourite Cemeteries ⚰️ such a cute little place that serves lovely Hot Chocolate and other sweets and treats right in the heart of a beautiful Graveyard, the perfect Gothic dream 🦇🥀

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Wicked Woman!

Wicked Woman ~ wearing one of my favourite band t-shirts COVEN! I hardly talk about the music I love on here, i'll have to do a separate post about it in the future I think. On this day I had some errands to run and thought i'd take the opportunity to do a bit of Witchy shopping seeing everything I had to do was all in the same area ~ this was the outfit choice of the day 🦇🔥💀

If I'm not wearing Vintage I'm always dressed like this especially for work, I'm a Hairdresser and there's no way i'd ruin my Vintage clothing. 

Here's a little something most of you wouldn't know and I guess I've never really talked about it with many people but I've always wanted to be a singer in a band, something I never did anything about, instead most of my previous partners were all musicians in some way shape of form haha! If I ever decide I want to really give it a go, i'd like to form an Occult Rock band, suits my voice best and I LOVE the whole 60s~70s vibe. Coven is a huge inspiration to me 🖤

Favourite song ~ Wicked Woman 🖤🖤🖤

I also tend to keep my Witchery private and just for me, I think we all share enough about ourselves through social media and I don't think i'd like to show or talk about every single minute of the day. A glimpse into my world is what i'm comfortable sharing, just a glimpse even though I post regularly on Instagram which is so slow at the moment and mine seems to be stuck and not going anywhere but that doesn't matter because I don't post for the likes, it's never been that way for me, it's more about sharing my interests and loves! 

I love visiting my favourite Witchy shops, stock up on supplies and have a good old chat with the ladies.

and buy lots of incense 🖤

Black Velvet shoes of the day, Vampira coat and a Granny bag 🖤 that particular day was on the cooler side which I love, unlike today which was stinking hot! I very much dislike the heat.

Some of the stuff I bought not including some other goodies that are for my eyes only. Thanks for reading guys and I hope you all have a great week 🖤

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble!

Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble ~ love these books, the illustrations are wonderful and so inspiring to me! Kinda sounds like my life and all the things I love, especially SCARY POPPINS all the Bats, Magic and living it up the Spooky way 🖤🦇🕷🕸🔮👵🏻⚰️🎀

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Granny Goth, Haunting Antiques and Funeral Dust!

I like when things look Old, Antique and Dusty! It's all part of that Granny Goth aesthetic I LOVE so much 🖤 I really do live like a Spooky Old Lady, like one that has passed and left her Treasures, Old Vampire Bat Potions and Occult Books behind, in an old Coffin filled with Vintage Horrors, Dust, Spiders and Webs...🕷🕸 

The Scent of Old~Fashioned Perfume lingers, intense incense and the sound of an ancient Funeral, the kind that Ghosts dance to 👻 

Cups of Tea with Agatha Christie on those Dark and Stormy Nights, my world is full and filled with so many Spooky Delights 🦇 and I wouldn't have it any other way ⚰️🎀

Gothic Vintage Horrors ~ 1960s Nightgown I turned into a Blouse  🦇

Funeral Parlor ~ my Coffin and where I entertain Tea guests, read Tarot and perform Magick!🔮

Black and Pink Floral ~ a collector and the most perfect combination 🖤

Agatha Christie ~ so much LOVE 👵🏻🔍🖤

Handmade Funeral Blooms and Old~Fashioned Roses ~ a little part-time business, I love dearly ⚰️🎀🖤

My Mrs. Slocombe ~ has been SOLD! Thank you so much 🖤🖤🖤 I look forward to making more Spooky Old Vampire Bats for my Granpire Coven 👵🏻⚰️🎀

I came across this beauty online and had to share! Wish it was mine, it's so adorable and anything Funerary I absolutely adore 🖤⚰️🎀 John Dennison Coin-Operated Funeral Parlor Scene, circa 1885 - 1915, England.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Funerary Biscuits!

Funerary Enthusiast ~ I've always been intrigued by anything Funerary related, not afraid of anything Morbid and love the elegance of the Victorian Era and it's what people call "odd traditions" I also love the music that comes with this time, Funerary Violin is so beautiful to me and always has been! Haunting, Ghostly goodness 🎻⚰️👻

As you know I make Funeral Blooms, for people and pets and anyone who wants to decorate their home with Black Roses 🖤

Now, none of these are my photos just inspiration, especially the FUNERAL Biscuits! I'm dying to make some for my Tea Guests and seal them with a wax stamp, how divine! 🍪

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Granny Stuff!

New Phone Case ~ very excited about my new What Ever Happened to Baby Jane phone case! 

It's just perfect!! I like interesting phone cases, especially when you find your favourite Psycho-biddy's 🖤

As you know I've made a Needle Felted Baby Jane Hudson Bow Brooch recently which I adore!

I've also made another favourite Old Bat ~ Mrs. Slocombe! She is so adorable with her little earrings 🖤 ~ slowly building my Granpire Coven of Old Vampire Bats! ⚰️👵🏻

I've kept Baby Jane Hudson but will sell Mrs. Slocombe, hopefully she goes to the right person who will appreciate her as much as I do! Wish I could keep her but I can't keep all the things I make.