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Kriss Poison ~ ⚰️🎀👵🏻🦇🕷🕸
A Granpire and her Coffin full of Graveyard Roses. 1960s~1970s. Gothic Horror. Gothemian. The Blood Witch. Old Vampire Bat. Granny Goth Doll!

Vintage Horrors ~ ⚰️🎀
My Coffin is always full of everything an Old Vampire Bat requires ~ Blood, Gothic Glamour, Granpire and Granny Goth Stuff. I'm Bewitched by the 1960s~1970s, Velvet Vampire inspired clothing and something called Gothemian a phrase I coined! I adore high neck Victorian Revival, Prairie dresses, Dark Mori and Dolly Kei styles, Spooky Cute Stuff, Vintage Horrors and Occult fashion. Gothic jewellery, lots of Bats, Bows, Glitter, Spider and Snake Brooches. When it comes to scent I wear Dark Bewitching Perfume Oils and Old Lady Perfume. 

Work/Career ~ 

 🕷 HAIR ARTIST ~ Travelling Hair Artist ~ famous for my Bettie Bangs and Liquorice Locks!

 🕷 GOTHIC FLORIST ~ My Little Poison Garden is a Graveyard full of Funeral Blooms. Old~Fashioned Roses and Granpire Art!

 🕷 TAROT SORCERESS ~ Private Tarot Readings ~ when I was a little Bat I used to read Turkish Coffee Cups for people, which naturally spilt over into Tarot!

Loves ~ ⚰️🎀
BATS, lots and lots of BATS!!! ~ all things Spooky, Granny and Gothic! Blood, 1960s~1970s, Victorian Revival, Gothic Horror, Needle Crafting, drawing Granpire ladies, Old World Charm. Tea Rooms, Roses, Overcast and Gloomy days. Woodlands, Mushrooms and Moss. An admirer of Haunting Antiques, Halloween, The Occult, Vampire, Witchy Storybook Cottages. Skulls, Spiders and Webs, Snakes, Ghosts, Graveyards, Coffins and Coffin shaped furniture a Funerary enthusiast. 

Blood Witch ~ 
In my Little Poison Garden Graveyard ~ I cast Granpire Spells, handcraft Funeral Blooms and Old~Fashioned Roses. Conjure Poisonous Old Vampire Bat and Blood Witch Potions! Am Bewitched by the 1960s~1970s Occult and Tarot Sorcery.

Watch ~ ⚰️🎀
I've been watching Old Classic Movies since I was a Baby Bat! ~ my very favourite era is the 1960s and 1970s. I also like the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s and hardly watch anything modern. I adore Gothic Horror, Bygone era films, and series. I worship Lily Munster so naturally The Munsters is on top of the list and so is The Addams Family and of course The Love Witch, it's modern but 1960s~1970s themed, especially that Victorian Revival Gothic mansion ~ 🖤

Mrs. Meers from Thoroughly Modern Millie 1967 is a Granpire dream! Adore Endora from Bewitched 1964~1972. I'm also a huge fan of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple murder mysteries; the Margaret Rutherford ones are by far my most treasured choice, I adore that woman. The original Gothic Soap Opera, Dark Shadows from the 60's I'm completely smitten with and who doesn't love Harry Potter! A Twin Peaks fan and this is where the owls come into it...

Bookworm ~ ⚰️🎀
My very favourite books to read are ~ Gothic Horror novels and Classic Murder Mysteries, the older the better and anything to do with Vampires, Coffins, Graves, Victorian Ghosts, Cemeteries, Death, Poisonous Plants, Flowers, Witchcraft, Black Sorcery, The Occult and of course Granny Stuff!

Music ~ ⚰️🎀
The music I listen to varies from ~ Death and Black Metal, Funeral Doom, Doom Folk, Folk Metal. Deathrock, 80s, Goth, Dark Classical, Haunting Ballets, Funerary Violin, 1960s~1970s Occult Rock, Gypsy music, Organ and Harpsichord tunes. I also love music from the 1920s~1930s~1940s!

Contact ~ ⚰️🎀
For any inquires contact me on the Vampire Lips in the main menu of this blog.

🕷 Personal Instagram: @kriss_poison

🕷 Gothic Florist Instagram: @little.poison.garden

🕷 Granny Goth Stuff Instagram: @granny.goth

Lady Vamp!

Ok let's get into the blood part of things, now remember a Vamp is not what you think it is...

Kriss Poison, known as Melbourne's lady vamp, for Kriss, being a Vampire means being a strong, smart, alluring, free spirited beauty, it has nothing to do with drinking blood or living for eternity… but she'll happily do so! For Kriss her BLOOD fetish is personal.

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Kriss Poison
Necromancy Radio Interview - Kriss Poison December 13th 2016

Triple M for 'Shave for a Cure 2005
wild2mild.com website 2005
Apparel Fashion Magazine Aug 2005
Extra for Holden Viva Commercial Sept 2005
abitshady.com.au website
Designer/Model with Madame Gothic Glamour for Nocturnal Instincts Fashion Parade 2006
Modeled for Marquis De Sade
Rove Live (19/9/06)
Modeled for www.devildoll666
Australia's Got Talent Chanel 7
SBS Radio Goth Interview 25/04/07
Appeared in jail bait with Matt Pritchard internet promo Dirty Sanchez
DevilDoll 2008 Pin-up Calender
Big Issue Magazine No.290 23rd oct - 5th nov 2007
"Knowing" staring Nicholas Cage Jun 2008
Kink-E Magazine for Devildoll Issue 24 2008
Who Magazine - Vampires Are The New Black Dec 2008
Nova Radio 17/12/2008 About Vampires
Live to Ride Magazine Aug 09
Cover shot for Downunder Tattoo Art Magazine Aug 09
www.avelinademoray.com 2010
DevilDoll 2010 Pin-up Calender
Front cover centerfold and article Spellcraft Magazine 2010
Womans Day Magazine The Lady is a Vamp 2011
Kerrianne Show Chanel 9 Lady is a Vamp 2011
NOVA 919 (South Australia) - Breakfast with Matt, Dan and Maz
The Dan & Ken Show - syndicated nationally on Southern Cross Radio
Interview ~ LIVE TO AIR - ABC Radio Statewide (NSW) with Fiona Wyllie
INSTUDIO ~ Melbourne Talk Radio With Sam Newman & Steve Price
Interview ~ Triple M (Brisbane) ~ The Cage
Necromancy Radio Interview - Kriss Poison December 13th 2016
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