GRANPIRE FANG CLUBI sometimes needle felt and draw Vintage Vamps and Granpire Bats! I'm inspired by Roman Dirge ~ Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl. Old Movie Stars, Granny Goth Stuff and Spooky Grannies with a Dark side and Fangs V--V 

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GRANNY GOTH CLUB ~ Granpire Coven. Old Vampire Bats. Granny Goth stuff. 1960s~1970s. Gothemian Witches 🦇🎀

Instagram: @granny.goth  

New range of badges ~ Baby Jane Hudson from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962 and Victoria Page from The Red Shoes 1948.

Jane Hudson ~ needle felted.

Dracula ~ needle felted.

Mary Poppins ~ Granpire badge and one of my handcrafted Roses.

Original Granpire.

Granpire ~ needle felted.

Mary Poppins ~ Granpire.

Endora from Bewitched ~ Granpire.

Myrtle Snow ~ Granpire.

Original Granpire.

Anne Of Green Gables and Marilla Cuthbert ~ Granpire's.

Myrtle Snow and Mary Poppins ~ Granpire.