Monday, 11 December 2017


I am a person who has a deep admiration for Funerary themes, tunes and aesthetic! You may say it's morbid but I've always been drawn to the dark. I find peace at the Cemetery and I often visit old Gothic Graves and take pictures. Both my husband and I enjoy a good outing to the Graveyard. 

Fun Fact: I was once married at a Cemetery to a past lover.  

Bendigo Graves.

Old, Gothic and Beautiful! 

Lovely Hydrangea’s at the Gothic styled Mortuary chapel Bendigo.

Lucy are you in there? ;)

As for Funeral aesthetic, well I collect anything that is Funerary or Coffin themed. I listen to Funerary tunes and am a huge lover of Funeral Doom metal. 

I purely bought this perfume for it's name and that is a real Morticians needle I received as a gift many years ago from a Mortician, a gift I treasure!!!

Dressing like an Old Lady who's been to a Funeral is what I adore most when it comes to fashion! I also like smelling like one haha, I buy all those Old Bat perfumes.

We worship each other like Bats! ~ My Eternity ring. My love for Coffin shaped things runs deeper than the ocean.