Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Wizard Of OZ!

On Tuesday night we went to see The Wizard Of OZ  at the Regent Theatre Melbourne. 

It was wonderful especially little Toto who won the hearts of the audience and completely melted mine! 

Wore my new Granpire faux fur coat and sparkly green brooch, I was thinking about painting my eyelids green but I have tons of blue! I LOVE green and used to paint them green a while back, especially emerald green, it's a heart stopper but so is the blue, people always compliment the blue and think it's amazing, I do too haha 🖤

I love visiting the Regent Theatre, such beautiful Gothic architecture. a dream really and that green light was gorgeous!

Those velvet red drapes are to die for!


Wore a cute little blouse I revamped with my sewing skills, my faux fur coat and short black skirt and Vampire armour. I'ts nice when you overhear people calling you an amazing looking woman ⭐⭐⭐

What I purchased on the night. We had a lovely evening and I enjoy going out and doing Granny stuff! xxx