Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Pink Witchery and Granny Goth Stuff!

Nothing beats Bubblegum, Pastel and Powder Pinks ~ especially decorated the Granny way. I dye my doilies with food dye to make them this Bewitching Pink! A picture I took of my lovely Blood Witch altar and the Les Vampires oracle deck which are gorgeous little cards to work with, I just adore them so much! 💕 

Granpire Magic and Granny Goth dreams ~ blood, spells, bats, snakes, oracle and Tarot Sorcery ⚰️🎀

Big pastel bows? Yes please!! 🦇🎀 ~ I love this one, usually wear it with that cute little antique floral and gold brooch that can be worn as a pendant which I do most times. Also wearing a cat bell, haven't worn one in years and it's something I've started wearing again, it's just on a chain and I love the sound it makes 🔔

Cups of tea with an Old Vampire Bat ~ my tiny Royal Albert teacup and saucer  🦇🎀

More Royal Albert LOVE!!! 💕 My Granny Goth lifestyle is strong ~ turning 40 this year! These beauties are both gorgeous gifts I got over Krissmas, the sandwich tray is from my lovely little brother and the teacup and saucer is from my lovely husband 💕👵🏻⚰️🎀

Now, how magical and gorgeous is this house?!! ~ found it online and had to share, it's a Granpire dream! Can imagine drinking cups of tea and reading Tarot for my lovely clients in that front window and at night, reading Spooky books while Bat watching in that tower like window 🦇⚰️🎀

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